Consider your options in hardwood flooring

Most homeowners know that hardwood floors offer undeniable benefits, such as extensive lifespan, elegant beauty that never seems to go out of style, and all the durability your family needs. What’s more, it’s easier to care for than you might think, even in areas where the activity is high. If you’re considering a new floor covering, it’s worth your time to consider all the available options in this product line and how they might work for you and your household.

Wood flooring offers variety

The stunning lifespan of hardwood flooring can easily reach and exceed 100 years with proper care and maintenance. That’s one of the reasons homeowners are so interested in this line, as it could be the last flooring shop you’ll ever have to make. The fact that you sand and finish these floors to remove damage and wear is another way they last so long, and we provide that service as well.

A stunning appearance is another common factor in this line, which can easily be achieved by choosing specific species options, stain colors, and finishes. It’s important to note that you’ll have more stain color options with site-finished materials than prefinished materials. And an excellent finish, such as wire-brushed or distressed, can even help hide signs of wear for a better look longer.

Suppose you have a basement room that needs flooring. In that case, we suggest engineered wood flooring instead of solid because it stands up better to the dampness, humidity, and temperature fluctuations that can often happen there. It is constructed with plies of wood on the bottom and a veneer of real wood, in your choice of species and stain color, on top. A wear layer is added to help protect the surface of your flooring, and this product can even be refinished, just like solid wood.

The installation process takes time and starts with the acclimation period, lasting no less than 24 hours, but sometimes up to several days, based on weather conditions. The entire process can differ from home to home. So, to discuss your own needs and requirements, be sure to visit us today.

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